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The Horizon Award is not part of either the Rising Star or North Star Personal Achievement Programs.


The Horizon Award is earned by Rising Star Scouts and is worn on the North Star Scout uniform.


It is an indication that the recipient is a Rising Star Scout, and also a Rising Star Scout who achieved the requirements of the Horizon Award.


The requirements of the award are similar to those of the first Personal Achievement Award in the North Star Scout Personal Achievement Program -- Gateway-- enabling our Scouts to develop skills they will need to have to earn the Gatway award.


After our Scouts have earned the Horizon Award, they are considered North Star Scouts.


A horizon is a change in perception and experience. boy with telescope in the beach As our Scouts embark on a new adventure into the North Star Scouts, their perception of life changed from a small child to a pre-adolescent.  We recognize and value this time in our Scouts’ lives and  provide a special award which can be earned to signify readiness to join the North Star Scout Program.  After the award has been earned, the Scout is officially a North Star Scout.

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