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Aspiration statements are written by our Scouts for our Scouts
Aspiration statements enable our Scouts to draw a map of who they would like to be

All of our Scouts and Members are encouraged to write an aspiration statement.  An aspiration statement is a clear expression of what each of our Scouts wants to do with their life.  It should be written out, and can be hung above a Scout's desk for example.

We want our Scouts to get the opportunity to spend time thinking about and planning their own lives.  Time spent on themselves and their future is a rare thing for youth.  Schools do not often allow their students the opportunity to spend time thinking about who they are, what they think, how they feel, and what they want their future to be like.  We offer our Scouts the opportunity to draw a map of who they want to be, and where they want their life to go.

The Aspiration Statement is Individualconfident girl with computer

To make an aspiration statement effective, it must be defined by the individual whose aspiration statement it is.  Since the aspiration statement is a statement of personal significance, it should be posted where it can be viewed often by the writer.

Aspirations statements should be written with a sense of immediacy.  Their length should be concise.  The words used should be carefully selected and action oriented.

Ideas Our Scouts Can Think About to Write Their Aspiration Statement

What Our Scouts Want to Be

First, our Scouts can think about what they want their life to be like: their interests, passions, and possibly a chosen vocation.

How Our Scouts Are of Service to the Greater Community

Our Scouts elaborate on how they can be of service to the greater community, and how they would like to go about that in the future.

The creation of aspiration statements are not one time acts, but rather a continuing revision.  We encourage our Scouts to keep their aspiration statement in a place they can easily see it, to look at it often, and to make changes.

The Statement

The aspiration statement is intended to be short and attention-getting.  It should be a few sentences about where our Scouts want to go in their lives and who they want to be.  For example:  "I will learn first aid and CPR.  I will be the person everyone can count on in an emergency."  Or:  "I will be a police officer.  I want my life to be about helping people in trouble."  Whatever our Scouts' aspirations, they create a clear vision of where they want the adventure of their life to go using the aspiration statement.


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