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We use the educational strategy of walking around, which is fairly self-explanatory.  A drawback of traditional education is that the teacher stands in the front of the room, as a clear authority figure and does not actually interact with the students.  The teacher may be unaware that a student or students do not understand what is being discussed.girl distracted in classroom


In the theory of walking around, rather than standing at the front of the room asking if anyone has any questions, the teacher walks up to the learners and asks questions themselves about how things are going and if they can help.

The communication style of walking around is a style of communication that encourages more contact up, down and within groups of people, organizations and businesses.  We encourage our Team Counselors to counsel by walking around the Scouts of their team. 

teen studying

 Our Team Counselors facilitate and support the efforts of the Scouts of their team since our Scouts organize, create and lead their own programs, meetings, and activities.   Our Team Counselors and Counselors interact with our Scouts and do not wait for our Scouts to come to them, but pose questions to our Scouts to make sure they understand.

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