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smiling girlsThe Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA strives to create a safe welcoming environment for all, where all are treated with dignity and respect.


We champion diversity and believe that interaction is beneficial for all our members and strengthens our Scout Programs.  Our principles reflect our commitment to provide equal opportunities for all our members.  Our adventures are for all our Scouts.




Diversity, for the purposes of this document, is broadly defined as characteristics and differences which individuals possess.  Diversity is also the process which encourages the development of community and encourages variety in membership, where all are valued for their efforts, both of which are aims of the Scout Movement.


Discrimination, for the purposes of this document, is defined as denial of use or full enjoyment of rights and services based on arbitrary categories.  Discrimination also includes threats, jokes, or any conduct, verbal or nonverbal, which makes a member feel unwelcome based on arbitrary categories.


We take allegations of discrimination seriously.  We promptly investigate all allegations and take appropriate action.  The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA will strive to review any allegation in a confidential, sensitive, and expeditious manner consistent with due process and the rights of all concerned parties.three smiling girls


It is the duty of every member to assure compliance with this policy by promptly reporting allegations of policy violations to appropriate representatives of the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA. 


In addition to or in lieu of the reporting of allegations set forth in this policy, any individual who feels they have been subjected to inappropriate behavior or conduct may contact the national office directly. 


We appreciate the diversity of communities, and the increasing role technology plays in the development of global communities.  The success of our Scout Programs is dependent upon the individual and group abilities of our members to assist themselves and others to realize their full potential.  Giving one’s best does not and should not rely on arbitrary categories; it relies on seeking the best from others regardless of the characteristics people possess which might be different. 


Nondiscrimination policy:


Equal Opportunities
     (1) Every Child, Every Family, Everywhere shall guide the inclusive, non-discriminatory nature of the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA.
     (2) Every activity and element of the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA shall be guided by the spirit of inclusion and not merely the strict application of policies and practices.
     (3) Everyone shall receive equal treatment.  There shall be no exceptions.  It is the behavior of an individual that is evaluated, rather than their identity.

     (4) Equal opportunity and equal participation is a core of the Spirit and Promise of Adventure Scouts USA. In an effort to bridge all communities, we shall actively encourage the inclusion of all.
     (5) It is important that each person is seen as an individual, and that they are regarded equally, whatever their differences.
     (6) With a respect that there are differences between individuals, every effort shall be made to encourage each person to reach their full potential. Therefore, extra resources or equipment shall be sought for persons requiring them for their participation.




We are inclusive in our standards of membership, participation, recognition, leadership positions, employment, awards, policies and in our extension of all rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to members.  We also encourage and welcome participation from the greater community.  All those of good will who wish to participate in whichever way they choose are welcome.


The only standard for determining whether a member can not participate on a particular Team is whether the Team cannot function because of that individual’s participation.


We say to all the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA welcomes all and are Scout Programs that do not condone or tolerate discrimination.


You will be respected in the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA.  Prejudice, ignorance, intolerance, bigotry, harassment or intimidation of any kind or in any form will neither be condoned or tolerated in the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA.


Inclusion clause:

The Spirit of Adventure Scouts USA is inclusion.  All are welcome to apply for Membership within the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA.  While we reserve the right to regulate the type of one’s participation, we are open to all who undertake the Scout Promise, Scout Code, Scout Spirit, and Scout Motto of our Programs, and who are accompanied by an open heart and goodwill. 


No person shall receive less favorable treatment on the basis of, nor suffer disadvantage by reason of characteristics such as ethnicity, gender, or religious beliefs.  



All categories listed within our nondiscrimination policy are merely examples.


We interpret broadly our policy of nondiscrimination.  We are as inclusive as possible.  We prohibit arbitrary discrimination including discrimination based on personal characteristics, geographical origin, physical attributes, or worldview, whether specifically stipulated in our nondiscrimination policies or not.




It is our policy to as inclusive as possible.  However, for the sake of the safety of our Scouts and members, we exclude those who hurt others, including those with convictions for criminal activity, such as abuse of another person, or anyone found to abuse a Scout or member within our Scout Programs.  The standard for reviewing suspension, revocation, or denial of membership shall not be arbitrary or capricious, and is at the sole discretion of the Scout Program.  If a Scout or member cannot participate on a team, it is possible they may be able to participate in another way.




We proudly conduct our operations in the open, in compliance with generally accepted accounting practices, and EEOC, and all federal, state, local, regulations, statutes, laws, and our own code of conduct.  Though we support the right of all individuals or organizations to promote their respective views, we will not knowingly open or operate units for groups whose express purpose is to incite discrimination against others or contrary to the principles of our own Scout Program values.

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