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The term trustworthy covers the concepts of honesty, respect, caring, and being as good as one’s word.  Trust is earned and to be “trustworthy” means to be worthy of trust.  Those worthy of trust are believed to respect ethics, the law, and follow through on their promises.  Having trust for another means believing that person is benevolent and good spirited.  We encourage our Scouts to gain each other’s trust, and we work tirelessly to be worthy of the trust of our Scouts.teen with young sibling


Aspects of Trust


The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA encourage honesty in our Scouts.  Our Scouts are expected to tell the truth.  However, honesty goes beyond telling the truth.  It is also not repeating gossip, fair dealing with others, refusing to steal or take something that belongs to someone else, and refusing to cheat.boy looking at someone else's paper



In the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA, respect is vital.  The opinion of each is valued and their participation is appreciated.  We recognize the contributions of others and celebrate team and personal achievement.  We encourage our Scouts and Members to put their ideas into action and commit to listening when improvement opportunities are suggested.  We value our Scouts as individuals and appreciate their unique identities, interests, talents and abilities.  Because we value their choice of activities, we help each of our Scouts identify and develop for themselves an appreciation of their strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes.  We treat our Scouts with respect and encourage responsibility in them. 


Trustworthiness also includes reliability.  It is important our Scouts do what they say they are going to do.  We do not make our Scouts promise or swear.  Our Scouts are considered as good as their word.  In this way, our Scouts build self-esteem because they know we trust them and that they can trust each other.

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