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Our Scouts are adventurers who choose their own adventures

The sense of adventure instilled during adolescence often does not accompany many into their adulthood.  When we were younger, we boasted of our superhero qualities, bragged about our new six-shooters, boots and hat and enjoyed lazy summers, where we joined in the adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn.  When we wore our superhero outfits, we believed we were superheroes.  We acquired noble youth zorroidentities.  We were as fast Wilma Rudolph.  We had white horses like George Washington.  We walked on the surface of the Moon like Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin.  We were prepared to "boldly go where no one had gone before."  The explorers who embarked on their journeys of discovery did not close the book on adventure.  As a modern Scout Program, there are chapters yet to be written.

Behind every struggle or progress, there are dreamers.  Some current frontiers to be explored are those of space and the oceans.  While these frontiers appear vast and impossible to conquer, the spirit of those intrepid pioneers who march into the future demonstrate that the impossible is possible.  The dreams of Christopher Columbus, the signers of the Declaration of Independence, and those of the astronauts who first landed on the moon continue today to inspire us all

Our Scouts are Adventurers

Adventure is an attitude.  It is comprised of interpreting our experiences, in a way in which we can turn the mundane into the mythic.  If we look at the world, diversity rules! That is because adventure is individual.  Our Scouts participate together and know there is strength in numbers, but each of our Scouts is an individual, empowered to create their own FUN and adventure.

We encourage our Scouts to live their lives with the fullest sense of wonder and adventure they can.  We prefer our Scouts yearn to live their life to the fullest, squeezing every minute into the pages of their life.  Adventures can be large or small.  Our Scouts have the opportunity to go places and see things few have, such as hiking in Yellowstone or up Mt. Baden-Powell in Southern California.  But adventures also exist in small places and day-to-day activities also.boy by a stream  Our Scouts live lives of adventure when they ride their bike for the first time without training wheels, or catch their first fish.  However, whether the adventure is large or small, in every instance, we instill a deep appreciation of the wonder and awe to life.

In our Rising Star Scout Programs, our Scouts role-play as pirates on a quest for gold, astronauts landing on the moon, and courageous Knights of the Round Table.  There are no limits on our Scouts' futures but their own imaginations.  Our Scouts create their own programs, based on the adventures they wish to have.  While our Scouts safely enjoy their adventures, they also have the opportunity to experience sharing, honesty, the importance of good character, and other qualities which encourage personal responsibility.

As a part of our Scouts playing larger-than-life action heroes, they each have the opportunity to be larger than life.  By creating an atmosphere of FUN and imagination, even the shortest of our Rising Star Scouts can leap the tallest buildings.  We think big because we realize our Scouts' big hearts and big dreams can lead them anywhere.  Our Scouts ask big questions and wonder about it all.  By thinking big and experiencing adventure, our Scouts develop good character while appreciating the importance of safe behavior.

Each of our Scouts has different needs and has different motivations for choosing to participate in our Scout Programs.  Some of our activities are structured, whereas others are unstructured.  Our Scout Programs are experiential in form and encourage the development of individual abilities, skills, interests and better decision making while using appropriate equipment.  Our programs combine concepts such as our Scouts facing new challenges and acquiring new interests, while living their life with purpose and having FUN.

Personalized Adventure

Today, there are opportunities for shared experiences while living a life filled with adventure in the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA.  Our Scout Programs provide personalized experiences for our Scouts. boy parsailing As modern Scout Programs, some of our goals are to provide our Scouts a sense of personal fulfillment and achievement, and to enable them to better enjoy life.  The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA offer activities our Scouts choose.  Our Scout Programs emphasize less structure, which provides our Scouts freedom to choose, organize, and lead their own meetings, programs, and activities.  By having the freedom to choose how they spend their time, they develop and use the skills of creative and critical thinking that enable them to improvise and use their imagination.

Although our Scouts participate in backpacking and camping experiences, during which we instill true proficiency in outdoor skill, our activities exceed backpacking and camping.  We do more.  Our Scout Programs recognize that our Scouts additionally have other interests.  Our Scouts also participate in outdoor sports or activities such as snowboarding, NASCAR, sailing, swimming, mountain biking, surfing, soccer, football, and skateboarding.

Adventure with a Purpose

While our Scouts safely enjoy their adventures, they also have the opportunity to experience sharing, empathy, honesty, the importance of good character, and other qualities that encourage personal responsibility.  All of the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA Scout Programs create the leaders of the future and enhance good character.  We enhance character with skills learned by doing, and the building of friendships.

Participating in our programs permits our Scouts to experience diverse activities on a noncompetitive basis.  While we value the importance of self-interest, we also encourage the value of interdependence.  Our Scouts have an opportunity to develop an appreciation of the circumstances our ancestors encountered and of how they had to rely on others.  This enables our Scouts to better appreciate their family and the opportunities available to them.  They also have the opportunity to foster long lasting friendships through the adventures they have with their fellow Scouts and the bond of their common experience.

The Importance of Living a Life of Adventure
It is important to live a life of amazement.  When a youth is fascinated by an activity, he or she will spend uninterrupted hours discovering it - whether it is hunting for fossils or putting together a soapbox car.  They exhibit a kind of dedication rarely seen, even in adults.  They are mesmerized.  We foster that kind of passion in our Scouts.youth rockclimbing

Seeking adventure is an important aspect to enjoying life, and we encourage our Scouts to explore what interests them and to develop skills they will use in the future.  By discovering their passions, our Scouts develop skills such as determination and enhancement of character, which serve them in all aspects of their lives.

By simultaneously evaluating and increasing our Scouts abilities, they develop greater competence in the outdoors and in their other interests that enable them to acquire improved confidence in all areas of their personal life.  The activities of our Scout Programs develop on a lifelong basis an appreciation by our Scouts that they can achieve what they set their mind to by always thinking, "I can do this."  Our Scouts increased confidence in themselves permits them to enthusiastically demonstrate to their fellow Scouts how they too can achieve.  Their enhanced confidence also transfers to others, particularly their siblings.

The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA stress the importance of adventure by allowing our Scouts to investigate their own interests and passions by choosing their own activities.  When youth recognize their voices are heard and their interests are respected, they develop outdoor, interpersonal, and study skills, which last a lifetime.  We seek to enhance the personal development of our Scouts, since people, like trees, grow best when attention is paid to them.

The Future of Our Scouts

The glue that holds us all together is the value of relationships and having the confidence to handle whatever situations may arise.  Though our Scouts might not realize the irreplaceable quality of this portion of their lives, we do.  We appreciate our Scouts live in the present while looking toward the future with a glimpse of the past.  Our Scouts will play a role in history as heroes and heroines and in the continuing effort to discover new frontiers and to explore the final frontiers of Space and the Ocean.  Participating in our Scout Programs takes our Scouts far, although achieving their endeavors requires effort on their part.

Our Scouts are a part of the present as well as the future.  It is their present and their future in which we seek to be relevant.  What distinguishes our programs is our deliberate inclusion of adventure.  We seek to be relevant in the everyday life of our Scouts.  We are proud We Do More and offer our Scouts opportunities to participate in indoor and outdoor activities of their choosing.

Our Scout Programs celebrate the inherent desire people have for adventure.  A yearning for adventure is a part of the past of humanity, but it is also a part of our present and our future.  Sometimes people run toward opportunities for adventure, other times they have to be coaxed to join a journey, yet always they discover they are better for it.  We celebrate the quest for adventure and instill a lifelong passion for adventure in our Scouts.

We ask our Scouts to appreciate the circle of life.  By discovering new ways of thinking, they create knowledge.  By sharing knowledge with others, they strengthen themselves.  By strengthening themselves, they become leaders.  By becoming leaders, they help others help themselves.  By helping others help themselves, they contribute to new discoveries.

Scout Adventure

Our Scouts choose, organize, and lead their own meetings, programs, and activities, allowing them the opportunity to vote on the activities they would like to do.  Our Scouts launch rockets, go BMX biking, play soccer, view dinosaur bones, and more.  Our Scouts are not subjected to boring activities because they choose their own!  Counselors are always on hand to ensure health and safety, but it is our Scouts who run their own meetings and choose their own meetings, programs, and activities. 

The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA identify and recognize those who demonstrate an intrepid spirit in pursuit of excellence.  As we grow, we develop information, stories, legends and sometimes even myths.  You are encouraged and welcome to join with us and become a part of the adventure!




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