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Love of Nature


Nature is an inspiration for all of us and unfortunately, it is disappearing.  Every child deserves to see animals in their natural habitat and have the chance to walk among trees and simply enjoy the sound of the stream going by.


Introducing Discovery Scouts to Nature


A park is a good place to go.  Our Scouts can feed the ducks with bread crumbs, investigate moss growing on a tree, and watch the squirrels.


Sometimes the best way to enjoy nature is at your own pace.


Being out in nature is also good preparation for being a Rising Star Scout.  As Rising Star Scouts, they will begin to go camping.


Families can also go camping with Scouts of this age.  Outdoor camping in tents is a viable choice with parents.  Car camping is also a good choice with small children.


Other Places to See Animals


A zoo is a place to see animals as well.  Children are fascinated by seeing different kinds of animals, many of which cannot be seen outside their zoo habitats without traveling far and wide, such as lions and polar bears.


Children enjoy learning facts about their favorite animals, such as what they look like, what they eat, where they sleep, and how they live.


Usually there is information provided at zoos which will answer the Scouts’ questions. 


You can also tell parents and friends that you will be taking several Scouts to the zoo and youngsters who are not Scouts can accompany you and also enjoy themselves.


You can notify the zoo that a large group is coming and possibly they can arrange for a zoo keeper to spend time with the Scouts and provide a tour.  It’s possible the Scouts could even help feed certain kinds of animals.


An aquarium is also a good place to take the Scouts.  Fish fascinate children.  Crabs, sponges and other creatures are interesting, particularly the otter, which the Scouts can watch crack open their clams!


Furry animals like seals and fun loving animals like dolphins provide a sense of wonder.  Some Scouts may be mature enough to view a shark.




Caring for the earth is the duty of all of us.  Our Discovery Scouts learn early that they too can care for the earth by washing plastic flatware to use again, helping to collect recycling, and cleaning a campsite clean.  They also learn what effect pollution has on their favorite animals.


Nature is something all children deserve to experience.

Adventure Scouts USA