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Creating Fossils PDF Print E-mail

Finding fossils is a FUN childhood activity many have done.  Lots of children want to be archaeologists or paleontologists when they grow up, and many adults still find it very interesting.


Rather than finding fossils, in this activity Scouts will create them.


Choosing a Fossil


Scouts can choose a leaf, a rock, a seashell or any item of their choosing to make a fossil of. 


Setting Up


Scouts will need plaster of paris, an old can, and some water.  With parental supervision, they should mix the plaster of paris and the water until the mixture has the consistency of a heavy cream.


The mixture is divvied up and each Scout gets a portion of it.


Scouts press the items they want to be a fossil into the plaster of paris and remove them carefully.


When the mixture dries, an imprint or fossil will be left in the mixture.


Other Fossils to Make


This can be repeated with animal tracks. 


Scouts cut out a cardboard frame larger than the track they want to imprint in the plaster.  They then shake a little baby powder or flour over the track.


Scouts pour the plaster of paris over the track, then lift up the frame.  There will be an impression of the track.

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