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Scouts in the Spotlight is an activity our Scouts can choose to participate in. Our Scouts make videos of themselves, their family, friends, and their daily life. This is a great opportunity for our Scouts to let others see what life is like for them! What do you eat for breakfast? What is your favorite subject in school? Do you have a pet?


Some Scouts live in rural areas, some in urban, and other in suburban. This is a great chance for all our Scouts to see how other Scouts live their daily lives, and though all our Scouts are individuals, that they are all linked.


Scouts can borrow a video camera from family or friends. youth with video cameraVideo cameras are in wide use and someone they know or their parents know is bound to have one they can borrow. Scouts can borrow cameras from churches, temples, community organizations, and their Team Sponsor. This also allows Scouts to get out in their communities and get to know community and religious leaders in their area.

Scouts can introduce themselves, their family and friends and let other Scouts know about their lives. Scouts film an average day from getting up to going to sleep, or anything they want which conveys who they are.


Scouts are encouraged to personalize their videos and let us about them and their life. This is a fantastic opportunity for Scouts to see other Scouts from different parts of the country and varying backgrounds. Our Scouts are brothers and sisters with all other Scouts.


Scouts take their videos and are free to edit for picture and sound if they so desire. They upload the videos to us and we put them online for all our Scouts to see.

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