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Who Can Join


Any Scout in our Scout Programs who wants to start saving!




In the Star Savings Club, our Scouts get the opportunity to start a savings account at a local bank.  The Star Saving Kit includes information about participating banks, Welcome Letter, the Star Saving Creed, a Star Saving Membership Certificate, a calendar, a plastic star-shaped bank, and buttons to wear showing the Scout is a member.youth with money


Signing the Star Savings Creed demonstrates that our Scouts are ready to earn the money they save and save the money they earn.  It does not matter if our Scouts have saved a lot of money or a few cents.  Scouts who save 50 dollars, 100 dollars, or 200 dollars will receive a special prize.


Scouts get the opportunity to acquire knowledge about their bank’s saving plans, if interest is available, and get a head start on learning how to bank.  Scouts see their money accumulate over time and understand the benefits of saving.


Other Benefits


Scouts who are members also receive holiday and birthday cards.  Our Scouts get the opportunity to acquire knowledge about the advantages of saving their money.

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