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The Methodist Faith and Being a Scout in Adventure Scouts USA PDF Print E-mail

The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA encourage our Scouts to have a spiritual approach to life.  We provide the leadership to support the growth and character development of our co-ed membership and the greater community.  We accomplish this by providing contemporary skill-oriented activities that enrich individuals on a non-discriminatory basis.  We put principles of mutual respect into practice through FUN social activities, enhancing character as instilled by parents, personal achievement, learning by doing, and related educational programs promoting good character in our members and the greater community.
We enable our Scouts to understand and live their life by the six pillars of CHARACTER COUNTS!, and we expect our Scouts to be as good as their word.


Our teams may be sponsored by Methodist churches and organizations.  Our Team Sponsors are those who work for the benefit of youth.
Through a yearly renewable agreement, Team Sponsors use our Scout Programs as part of their effort to benefit the youth in their congregation and other youth in the community.  Team Sponsors may control program content, membership in their team, and religious responsibilities. 


Together, the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA along with Methodist Churches and organizations can increase participation by Methodist families, and strengthen Methodist values through character education, and a sense of belonging.


We welcome Methodist Scouts and members and enable fulfillment of their religious responsibilities.

We assist our Methodist Scouts and members to integrate their faith into everyday life and help families to share their faith on their child’s journey of faith.
An important concept in Methodist ministries is free choice.  Our Team Leaders ensure that every Scout is involved at every level and make sure everyone is heard.  Our Scouts choose, organize, and lead their own meetings, programs, and activities.


Methodists believe in having proper respect and granting dignity to all.  Similarly, our Scout Programs value everyone on an equal and individual basis, and respect for all is a guide post of our Scout Programs.

Education is very important to Methodists as is teaching the freedom to think for oneself.  Similarly, we encourage use of creative and critical thinking in our Scouts.


Seeking the causes of and curing the problems they see in the world, our Scouts seek to eliminate homelessness and eradicate hunger and poverty.
Methodists are concerned with common sense, social action, and freedom. Our Scouts develop resourcefulness, our teams operate democratically, and our Scouts take part in voluntary service to their greater community.


 Our Scouts also take part in service to the greater community.  Our Scouts regularly adopt comprehensive projects of service which they choose, organize, and lead.  Our highest award, the Challenger Award, is a comprehensive undertaking which results in a substantial change for their communities, and must be sustainable without them.
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