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Periodically, our Scouts have dinners at their meetings.  Usually, they have a dinner every 4-6 weeks, but Scouts can choose to have a dinner anytime they want to.


Family Participation Dinner


Parents, siblings, multiple generations and extended families participate. girl serving woman dinnerOur Scouts and their families spend time together naturally in a comfortable way because everyone comes to the dinner.  Everyone has to eat – we help bring balance to families by combining activities and allowing families to spend to time together and with other families.  Shared experiences allow families to communicate easily; since everyone is taking part in the dinner, everyone will have something in common to contribute to the discussion.  If a Scout has a family who cannot attend, that Scout is included in the circle of another family who comes regularly.


Acquired Skills


It is important, no matter where the food is prepared, that the Scouts do the cooking.  We want our Scouts to learn by doing.  Our Scouts learn to cook, serve meals, set the table, read a recipe, follow a budget, and learn how to organize the creation of a meal.  It does not matter if the dish comes out perfect; it matters that our Scouts are having FUN, learning, and building life long memories.


Our Scouts acquire skills by learning to cook, and also from the camaraderie, the successes and failures, and the process which is part of preparing the meal.

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