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One of the community activities our Scouts sponsor is a parade.  Parades can take many forms, and one we recommend is the Home Town Heroes Parade.


 P.O.L.E. (Plan, Organize, Lead, and Evaluate)


Scout use their knowledge of P.O.L.E. to help them with the parade.  They plan, organize, lead, and evaluate their efforts so the next parade can be even better.


Scouts are responsible for choosing the topic of the parade, organizing the parade units, the spectators, the location, and every detail of the parade.  They lead the entire event from start to finish, and afterward evaluate their efforts.




red, white, and blue balloons



Choosing a Hero


The first step is to choose heroes from their community.  All communities are filled with heroes.  Good choices are firefighters, police personnel, soldiers returned from active duty such as in Iraq or Afghanistan, teachers, and medical personnel.  Scouts could also choose someone in the community who has done something selfless, or simply a person who is always ready with a smile.  Each year, different Hometown Heroes can be selected.firefighter with truck


Parade Units


There are three types of parade units:  floats, bands, and special units (everyone else).  Local businesses and community organizations can sponsor a float.  Local schools and colleges can provide a marching band.  Police cars, fire trucks, our Scouts, those on horseback, and those on foot constitute special units.


Scouts need to be aware that city or police department permission is necessary in order to hold a parade.  Going to the local Sheriff’s office to find what needs to be done well ahead time is part of the planning process.  If Scouts want to sell anything such stickers or t-shirts relating to the Scout Program, that must also be cleared with appropriate authorities first.  There may be tax restrictions and special licenses needed.




Scouts will of course want to let the community know about the parade so they can attend.  Scouts will want to take out ads in local newspapers, which may provide free space for our Scouts.  Where permissible, hanging signs where local people will see them is another choice.


The Home Town Hero Parade is an acknowledgment of local heroes and a chance for our Scouts to get out into the community, meet new people, and perform a service for their community.

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