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Camping and Backpacking are a part of many Scout Programs and are a part of Adventure Scouts USA.  Our primary focus when camping and backpacking is to keep our Scouts and members safe as they have FUN in, and acquire knowledge about, the great outdoors.


Camping and Backpacking

  • Helps our Scouts build resourcefulness, confidence, and self-esteem
  • Builds outdoor skills
  • Provides physical exercise
  • Can contribute to the development of a spiritual approach to life
  • Are opportunities to make lifelong friends
  • Are FUN

We instill true proficiency in outdoor skills in our Scouts so they have the knowledge to take care of themselves in the present and the future.  It is more FUN and safer when everyone is proficient in outdoor skills.


Our Scouts go on camping and backpacking trips of different lengths depending on their age, Scout Program, and their own interests.  There are always an appropriate number of adults accompanying the Scouts.  The appropriate number varies, depending upon the number of Scouts going camping and the age of the Scouts.  Naturally, younger Scouts will need more supervision than older Scouts.


Team Camping and Backpacking Trips


Scouts can go camping and backpacking as a team and they tent together by Crew, separated by gender.  Scouts explore, cook, and gain skills with their Crew.  Camping and backpacking trips take place on the weekend.


Family Camping or Backpacking Trips


Family camping or backpacking trips are similar to team camping trips, but family members come along.  Parents, grandparents, multiple generations and extended family are welcome to join our Scouts on these camping or backpacking trips.

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