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Our Scout Programs are FUN
We offer our Scouts a high level of choice
We are the only fully nondiscriminatory Scout Program in the United States

Adventure Scouts USA

Your adventure starts here! The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA are a year-round Scout experience in the American Spirit.

Our operational structure is a nation-wide entity with regional levels for supervision to local individual units called Teams. We eliminate an us/them attitude between national or regional resource persons and volunteers at local units, the teams. We commit to actively seek out those with harmful intentions to our youth participants and exclude them. We do not permit the preaching or advocating of any political position or agenda. We have intense unity of purpose. The Scouts and Members of our Scout Programs are our most valuable resource and our single constant priority, with safety as our first priority.

Choices and FUNyouth skateboarding on ramp

The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA offer an unprecedented level of freedom to our Scouts. The choices offered through our Scout Programs improve the opportunities for FUN available to our Scouts. Our Scouts choose, organize and lead their own meetings, programs, and activities allowing them to do what is FUN for them. Too often in organizations or programs, youth or otherwise, activities are decided by a group of adults who have no idea what is FUN or exciting to their members. That is why our Scouts do not make baskets and learn Morse Code (unless they want to of course!).

Our Scouts launch rockets, play soccer, hold video game competitions, skateboard, and investigate dinosaur bones. We help each Scout identify their interests and needs.

Because each Scout is unique, we have formed teams that enhance the abilities and interests of our Scouts. Each team differs slightly because the Scouts on that team will have different interests from the Scouts on other teams. Because the choice is left to Scouts, our Scout Programs are always evolving and improving.

Nondiscrimination and Inclusion

The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA are a portrait of the people of the United States. We welcome and are determined to include all who wish to participate who come with good will. The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA are America's only fully nondiscriminatory, inclusive Scout Programs.


diverse youth
We welcome equally those who are challenged, those who cannot afford traditional participation in the Scout Movement, and those who may have been turned away from other Scout Programs.  We embrace equality and all our Scouts and Members participate in an atmosphere of acceptance and inclusion.

We go out of our way to make sure Scouts and Members with challenges or inability to afford traditional participation can participate in our Scout Programs. If additional resources are required, we make sure they are sought.

Our Desire for our Scout Programs

The depth of our Scout Programs is an expression of the strength and confidence we have in our efforts. As our Scout Programs are shaped by those who are participating, we recognize that certain details will necessarily change. Our Scout Programs are organic, always in motion, always evolving and personalized as the Scouts, our counselors and the interests of their local community changes. We have proudly shaped a common vision and all should know from north to south, east to west, we are determined to improve the lives of those we serve as well as their communities. 

We take great strides to ensure the positives each of our Scouts and Members has are encouraged and endeavor to assist in fulfilling the hopes and aspirations of each of them. A significant strength of the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA is its personalization by our Scouts and Members, permitting them choice.

Other facets of our Scout Programs:

Family Oriented

Our Scout Programs are family oriented. We promote strong families and strengthen family values by offering activities which allow our Scouts to interact naturally and easily with multiple generations and extended family members.


It is our desire each one of our Scouts is well known to the other Scouts of their team and that friendship and, consequently, brotherhood develop. Our activities and programs bring Scouts together with each other to strengthen the bonds of friendship. We include a Friendship Section during team meetings to help our Scouts get to know each other better.


What inspires our Scouts by interest or passion is encouraged. We ignite our Scouts’ interests by encouraging them to explore what they are passionate about. A passionate Scout is a Scout who develops ownership in their programs and activities, and in their place as a member of the team. A team is something a Scout belongs to and being on a team is something our Scouts earn.


That character counts is not merely an aspiration of ours but is a part of our standard of excellence. We value that each of our Scouts is unique, each one special in their own right. Our Scout Programs infuse society with the idea that character counts within a safe, FUN, challenging, and inviting environment for all.

Give Your Best

Give Your Best is our Scouts’ motto. We have determined the Scouts of the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA should give their best and, by doing so, deserve the respect of others because of the high quality of their efforts. Our emphasis is on our Scouts, therefore the unique concerns of each Scout, the members of their family, and of the greater community are considered. We appreciate just as every person is unique that there are multiple ways each Scout can display their talents.

Encouraging Service to the Greater Community

A focus of the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA is involvement. We encourage our Scouts to serve their fellow man and develop compassion and good character. We also encourage adults within communities to volunteer with our Scout Programs if they desire.

Our Place in the Scout Movement

We encourage fresh support of the Scout Movement by welcoming all those who are interested by offering Scout Programs which are personalized by our Scouts and therefore have greater appeal. We, the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA, want to encourage more youth to experience the privilege of being a Scout.

Our intent is to encourage more participation in the Scout Movement. As a Scout Program, we solemnly share the responsibility of the worldwide Scout Movement to foster Brotherhood. We faithfully stay true to the ideals of the Scout Movement and, to the best of our ability, encourage increased membership and support of the Scout Movement.  

We are committed to adventure!  you'll have fun!

Adventure Scouts USA