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The development of our Scout Programs was not an overnight process. Initially, for a number of years we were in the development phase, and our strategic plan began to come together. We were conceptualizing ideas of what our Scout Programs would be like. We encouraged suggestions, and valued the assistance of those who offered their ideas. We reached out to individuals from coast to coast within the United States and internationally and including those within the Scout Movement and those not.


July 4th

Although nonprofit incorporation was necessary, we knew the adventure of the Scouts takes place in the hearts of Scouts. We chose to focus first, and continue to do so, on development of Scout Program concepts because that is what we believe is most important. We took our first governmental step of formation on July 4th. flags in the sun July 4th is Independence Day in the United States. This date is particularly significant because we are Scout Programs in the American spirit!


February 22nd

Another date which is particularly important to us is February 22nd. This is the date upon which we were incorporated as a nonprofit in the District of Columbia. We chose February 22nd as the day of our incorporation because we wanted to recognize the efforts of those who inspired the Scout Movement. February 22nd is the birthday of George Washington, our nation's first President and a Scout. February the 22nd is also the birthday of Robert Baden Powell, a decorated British Army Officer, a Scout, and one of the founders of the Scout Movement. Every year we proudly honor those who inspired and shaped the Scout Movement, those intrepid explorers who inspire us even today and celebrate our own founding.

We intentionally chose the District of Columbia for the site of our incorporation because Washington D.C. is our nation's capital and is a place that is representative of us all.

Today, we continue to appreciate suggestions, value participation and encourage more participation in the Scout Movement.

Adventure Scouts USA