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Why We Are a Scout Program PDF Print E-mail

When we were crafting our Scout Programs, we had a variety of decisions to make.  We made some very specific choices however, such as the choice to be a Scout Program, rather than a youth program. 


Scout Program


We chose to be a Scout Program because a Scout Program like us is needed.  There are youth who want to be Scouts but have been told they cannot participate.  There are Scouts with challenges who have been unable to participate, and those who cannot afford traditional participation who have not had the opportunity.  We bring the Scout Movement to all on a fully nondiscriminatory, inclusive basis.


The word “Scout” has meaning to so many people.  Today, there are millions of youth and adults who take part in the Scout Movement all over the world, and there are millions more who have taken part in it when they themselves were youth.  The very term “Scout” brings a smile to people’s faces and has a meaning that those who are Scouts and members are a part of a movement dedicated to their well-being and growth.  “Scout” also brings to mind high safety standards, outdoor programming, and wholesome FUN.  People have made the Scout Movement part of their lives for over a century, and we know we have the responsibility to live up to a mighty reputation.  We also accept the responsibility to bring the Scout Movement to any and all who want to be Scouts or members.


Every Child, Every Family, Everywhere


Our Scout Programs welcome participation from two kinds of Scouts:  boys and girls!  It does not matter if our Scouts can run fast, jump high, or have few outdoor skills.  We support every Scout.  We do not just praise the winner of the race and tell those who are slow or may have challenges that the race is over when they are still running.  So long as one of our Scouts is running, walking, or trying in some way, the race is not over and we are committed to their individual success.  Sometimes in life just finishing the race can be a major accomplishment.  Sometimes our Scouts have never known an accomplishment or a sense of pride.  We support our Scouts every step of the way, whether it takes 60 seconds or an hour to cross the finish line.  All our Scouts make it.  Every Scout wins in the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA. When we see the smiles on our Scouts’ faces, that is the ultimate reward.


Part of the Scout Movement


We carry on the rich tradition of the Scout Movement in our own way, bringing the opportunity to be a Scout and member to everyone on an inclusive, fully nondiscriminatory basis.  We offer our Scouts and members a safe environment in which they can be themselves.  We offer modern activities to all who want to be Scouts.  We have created innovative content that differentiates our Scout Programs from others.


Our Scouts, much like the Scout Movement, are a part of the future with a respect for the past, and both must be nurtured in the present.  We take our responsibility to our Scouts and to the name of the Scout Movement very seriously.  Welcome to the newest Scout Program in the Scout Movement -- Adventure Scouts USA.

Adventure Scouts USA