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Our Scouts participate in the FUN activities chosen by them
Our Scouts choose a wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities

Our Scouts are pirates tracking down a cache of gold!  They are the first astronauts to land on Mars!  They hunt for dinosaur bones and discover a new species!  Our Scouts can be anything they want to be, and have no limits but their own imaginations.  The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA want all our Scouts to have FUN. 

Our Scouts Choose Their Own Activities

Our Scouts live adventure-filled lives because they choose, organize, and lead their own meetings, programs, and activities.  Some of our FUN activities are tried and true,  such as going horseback riding or recreating an old radio show.  Some FUN activities change so frequently, there can be a new "It" game in an hour!  That is part of the reason why our Scouts choose, organize, and lead their own activities.  Only they know what is truly FUN for them.

Because our Scouts choose their own activities, they are never boring, and our Scouts are never bored.  If our Scouts want to explore a subject or have an interest, we encourage them.  We ask our Scouts to couple their freedom with responsibility and to always give their best.


Each of our teams challenges our Scouts and offers adventure-filled activities.  Although similar, each of our teams is unique and activity choices are made by the Scouts of  each team.  Therefore, the choices made by the Scouts of one team may be different from that of another.  Prospective Scouts and their parents are encouraged to visit several teams in their area to determine which team fits their personality and interests.

Variety in Activities

Our Scouts launch rockets, play soccer, and hold video game championships because they are able to choose, organize, and lead their own activities.  We are very conscious of ensuring that all of our Scouts feel individually important and motivated to set goals for themselves and to give their best.  We have conscientiously chosen to develop programs that appeal to the variety of interests among youth.

We recognize that some youth enjoy skateboarding, camping, video games, anime, collecting, while some prefer backpacking, snowboarding, computers, music and sports, and others enjoy other things.  We encourage our Scouts to the interests that appeal to them.

Our Scout Programs offer activities that take place both indoors and outdoors.  Indoor activities include video game championships, Anime and comic book drawing and other choices.  These activities enable our Scouts to all participate fairly since not everyone is the fastest runner and in some cases might not even like to run.  We have as our primary focus the development of programs that are safe and enriching.  We also offer a vast array of outdoor activities including camping and those that are sports oriented. 

In addition to our leadership and personal achievement programs, we encourage our Scouts to personalize their participation by choosing to pursue activities that interest them.


Various Kinds of Activities

We feature several different kinds of activities.  Our Scouts have activities during their team meetings such as Crew activities and Friendship activities.  Scouts also participate in weekend activities, which are activities which are too long to fit into meetings, such making and racing soap box cars.

Our Scouts can also earn Challenges, as part of our Personal Achievement Program, by participating in activities of their choosing such as skateboarding, basketball or launching rockets.  They then demonstrate their new skills in front of their teammates.

FUN with a Purpose

Our Scout Programs provide the opportunity for our Scouts to develop real life skills by activities and concepts that encourage interaction among Scouts and are FUN.  For example, a Scout might pursue creating a collection of something of interest to them. 

While at first completing this endeavor might appear simple, in fact an entire small museum with complex exhibits can be created when the Scout has given their best.  The process of creating the museum provides the Scout the opportunity to accumulate a background in artistic, design, business, marketing and other fields. 

Our Programs and Activities Evolve with Our Scouts

Our Scout Programs were designed to change and evolve with our Scouts.  We purposefully created our Scout Programs this way so our Scouts could contribute to them.  As our Scouts grow and change, and as the times change, the concepts our Scouts are passionate about and the activities they want to participate in will change as well.  Our Scout Programs  adapt to continuously meet the changing needs of youth.








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