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Activities for team meetings are activities which can be easily done during the length of a team meeting 

Activities for Team Meetings are activities that can be easily done during the length of a regular team meeting.  These activities can serve as Friendship Games, or Crew Time, or, if Scouts prefer, they can replace an entire meeting with an activity.  We have provided documents entailing many team meetings activities.  Some quick ideas are also listed below:


Paper airplane races—online designs for making airplanes are available.  Airplanes can be evaluated and rewarded for the biggest plane, the most complex plane, the longest flying plane, the highest flying plane, etc.


Ping Pong Punch --small 3 or 5 ounce cups are filled with punch and lined up on one sideyouth and ping pong ball of the a table.  Scouts sit at both ends.  The Scouts without the cups bounce a ping pong ball.  It must bounce once on the table.  If it lands in the cup of punch, a Scout on the other team must drink it.


Create websites – laptops or computers are needed.  Scouts can bring laptops from home, or the Team can borrow school computers from a computer lab at a local college or tech school.


100 Things to Do with a Neckerchief – Scouts can do any number of things with a neckerchief.  Examples would be a hair band, a bookmark, an emergency sling, a belt, a shoelace, neck attire for Fido, in neckerchief

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