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Our Outdoor Challenge Program allows parents, multiple generations, and extended family members to acquire outdoor skills with other adults before participating with their Scouts. We recognize many people have not spent time camping and developed outdoor skills, but still want to participate with their Scout.

Our Scout Programs are aware that some of our activities are more desirable when accompanied by both an existing interest and prior experience. These types of activities can include camping, backpacking and boating.

Our Outdoor Challenge Program consists of a brief introduction to the outdoors. The introduction also includes an opportunity to realize the likelihood of injury and discomfort are minimal. man setting up tentWe also identify the outdoor fears, strengths and weaknesses of those participating in our Outdoor Challenge Program. We then provide practical opportunities for participants to overcome any uncertainties they might have.

Unlike magicians, who refuse to reveal the secrets of their tricks, we provide opportunities for our Scouts and members of their family, including multiple generations, to avoid feelings of uncertainty by their acquiring practical information and skills, prior to those types of activities.

We give separate instructional sessions to adults, run by Team Counselors and Counselors, helping them learn basic outdoor skills in private before they are actually camping with Scouts. We understand adults may not want to learn with youth and may not want to show up at a campsite with no idea what to do. We provide adult instruction separate from our Scouts and prior to camping with them.

Our unique Outdoor Challenge Program enables our Scouts and members of their family to want to participate in those type of activities and have FUN since they now feel more comfortable. The material being introduced in this way also permits interaction amongst the Scouts and their family members and our Team Counselors. This too allows an increased feeling of comfort and helps to reduce any anxieties. In some cases, the introduction of this information is in the form of a game or game show. We keep it lighthearted while providing the adults in a Scout's life with the skills necessary to participate before the activity.

Our unique Outdoor Challenge Program enables our Scouts and members of their family, who want to participate in these types of activities and to have FUN doing so since they feel more comfortable after participating in this program. Choosing to participate in these types of activities also provides the opportunity for parents, grandparents and other members of family to spend time with their Scout. By having a reason for participating, the purpose of participation takes on a whole new meaning.



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