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The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA are modern.  We provide our Scouts with the opportunity to choose, organize, and lead many modern, FUN activiti es.  One of them is the creation of websites.  Our Scouts can create individual websites and websites with family and friends through our Scout Programs.  Each team also creates its own website. 

We provide a basic template of a website.  Teams can choose to use that template, use it until they create one they like better, or create one they like better right away.girl with computer  We encourage creativity and originality and we know there many Scouts out there who can create incredible website designs we could only dream of!  As with all our meetings, programs, and activities, our Scouts lead the way because they know what they want to do and how they want to do it.  Scouts personalize their Scout experience and their team website is an example.

However, if Scouts are creating their own websites, we need to view them before they become active.  That is because we want to make sure they meet Adventure Scouts USA standards, otherwise our Scouts give their imagination free rein.   

Those who create the best websites will be recognized and those designs will be shared with other teams so they too can benefit from all our Scouts’ creativity. 


We look forward to seeing what our Scouts can create!

Adventure Scouts USA