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Youth today increasingly live in a world in which they often see unethical choices rewarded.  Whether it is television, movies, music, or what they see with their own eyes in their own neighborhoods, they see a world which seems to encourage being dishonest.


The facts reflect the sorry state of affairs among America’s youth.  Over half of youth have cheated on a test in the last year.  A quarter of underage youth have drunk alcohol in the past year.  Sixteen percent have smoked marijuana at least 5 times.  Violence has increased even in communities which formerly have seemed immune to it.


However, youth who have participated in the Scout Movement, while not perfect, have fewer incidences of drug use, truancy, and violence.  Eighty three percent of former Scouts report that their Scout experience helped them to be better leaders.  Those who have participated in the Scout Movement are more likely to graduate from both high school and college.


While the Scout Movement is not a cure for all social problems, youth who have participated have a better chance for a brighter future. 


The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA are part of the solution.  Our Scouts are not only participating in the Scout Movement, but participating in a Scout Program in which our Scouts acquire the knowledge of being even-handed, caring, responsible, and fully nondiscriminatory.  Because our Scout Programs are based on Scout choice, our Scouts develop real knowledge of solutions to problems, and gain experience making good choices.  They recognize that their choices determine their future.


The Scout Movement has been a reliable force for good for over a century, and we continue the tradition of helping our Scouts and members become the better people they want to be.

Adventure Scouts USA