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For Parents of Youth with Challenges PDF Print E-mail

Many youth with challenges have been refused by Scout Programs, and many others have never tried to join a Scout Program, believing that being a Scout was out of their reach.  Understandably, no one wants to be ridiculed or singled out, and their parents, meaning the best, do not want to place their youth in a position where they will be hurt or rejected.


Many time parents have been frustrated because they were promised their child would be accepted by a particular Scout Program and treated like an equal, just to have their child come home with a broken heart again.


We know there are many youth who want to be a Scout and have been told they are not good enough, and many parents who want their children to experience the adventure of Scouts but are fed up with other Scout Programs.


We Believe Every Youth Can Be a Scout


The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA are dedicated to bringing the experience of being a Scout to all.  It does not matter if a Scout is physically, mentally, or emotionally challenged, we find a way to include every youth with a desire to be a Scout.child participating  Every person and every Scout can improve, can make progress, can acquire new knowledge, and can make friends and memories that last a lifetime.


All our Scouts participate.   If additional equipment is necessary for a Scout with challenges to participate, we make sure it is sought.  We make sure all our Scouts get the opportunity to participate and build confidence.  Our Scouts get the opportunity for shared experiences with other Scouts who may be different from themselves.


Differences in Ability


Although we are a co-ed Scout Program, in which everyone enjoys equal opportunities, we do recognize there are differences in abilities.  An example of which is that some people run faster than others do.  Consequently, we have chosen to have our athletic activities focus on encouraging everyone reaching the finish line, rather than who came in first, while still fostering our Scouts’ competitive spirit. We appreciate there are differences in abilities, and recognize there are different needs.  We encourage each of our Scouts to value their differences and the things they have in common with others, while inspiring them to reach their own potential.  The only time a youth would not be part of a particular team is if their challenge made it impossible for the team to function.  Depending upon the challenge, they can also participate on a different team or as an Outpost Scout.


Helping Our Scouts Become Whole People


As, our Scouts progress, we pair up our Scouts with Mentors in their chosen profession.  Because we want our Scouts to have the necessarily skills to go out into the world and be successful, and our Scout with challenges are no different.  persons with wheelchair watching a sunsetIt can more difficult for young people with challenges to find employment; therefore it is even more important for our Scout with challenges to find Mentors and to receive help in their chosen profession.  We provide all our Scouts with opportunities to interact with experts in their chosen fields.  We want to be involved and be of service in our Scouts’ entire lives.


We are Member-Oriented


We aspire to be the foremost member service oriented Program of any type in the United States.  Our goal is to serve every child, every family, everywhere.  If you are a parent of a challenged youth, or you are a challenged youth yourself, and you want to be a Scout, our Scout Programs are eager for you to join the adventure!  We believe telling anyone they are not good enough to be a Scout is quite simply not good enough.

Adventure Scouts USA