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Finding a Youth Program for Your Child PDF Print E-mail

When searching for a youth program for their child, many parents choose Scout Programs.  But whether parents choose a Scout Program or not, there are certain criteria every parents should look for in a youth and youth learning outdoors

While there are many characteristics that make up a good youth program, generally good programs include the following:

* A priority on safety and health policies.
* Opportunities to broaden the child or youth's horizon.
* Adult leaders who make good role models.
* Effective ratios of youth members to adult leaders.

Parents can also pay to attention to:

* Whether the staff and helpful and seem knowledgeable. 
* If youth are encouraged to be independent and solve problems when appropriate.
* Is the atmosphere respectful of both staff and youth?
* Are the facilities accessible and welcoming to everyone?
* Do the youth appear happy and having FUN?

The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA

The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA have a first priority on the health and safety of our Scouts and Members.  If there is any uncertainty with regard to safety during one of our activities the activity ceases or an alternative is found.  We have developed and use standards of youth and member protection that exceed those of other Scout and youth programs or organizations.

Our Scout Programs broaden the horizon of our Scouts by enhancing in them a sense of wonder and purpose to their life.  We encourage self-esteem within our Scouts and develop in them an appreciation for life long adventure and learning through activities that they choose, organize and lead.

Our Counselors are adults who are positive role models and encourage in our Scouts the value that character does count.  Our Counselors embrace the identical principles of our Scout Promise, Scout Code, Scout Spirit, and the philosophy of the Scout Movement as our Scouts do.  It is a requirement of the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA that all Counselors receive diversity, disability, and program training as a part of our normal leadership training.  Our Counselors also voluntarily participate in additional leadership training to further enhance their skills and talents.

During team meetings, programs, and activities, our guidelines require adult leadership in appropriate ratios of youth to adults. 

The safety, well-being, and FUN of our Scouts are our top priorities.


Adventure Scouts USA