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As part of our Game Plan for Life, we encourage our Scouts to write a Personal Declaration. In some ways, it is similar to the first sentences of the Declaration of Independence. The Personal Declaration is a declarative statement made with pride, in which are our Scouts say who they are.

The Personal Declaration is meant to be short, a few sentences at most, and snappy. Our Scouts are encouraged to speak with pride about who they are.


For example, “I am a loving son, and a good brother. I am the best soccer player on my team. I know first aid and CPR because I am a person anyone can count on in an emergency.”

This declarative statement develops confidence and self-esteem. Our Scouts may not even realize the value of their accomplishments until they start to think about them! Every Scout has something they are proud of, whether it is skill playing baseball, getting an A on a difficult test, or being a great sibling.

two boys writing

We want our Scouts to be bold and proud in their Personal Declaration and in their life.

Adventure Scouts USA