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The Plan for Life enables our Scouts to develop a map by which to lead their life

We provide a Plan for Life Questionnaire to get our Scouts started

The Plan for Life has three segments: present, medium term, and long term


The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA are on the cusp of innovative youth programming. As comprehensive, modern Scout Programs, we take the universal values of the past and combine them with cutting-edge programs and activities our Scouts want to participate in today. One of our innovations is the Game Plan for Life, and one part of it is the Plan for Life.


The Plan for Life


Rarely do youth get the opportunity to spend time simply improving their lives. This is not school, and our Scouts get the opportunity to create a tool for themselves that is comprehensive, personal, and FUN. It is made by our Scouts, for our Scouts. The Plan for Life allows Scouts to answer a series of questions about what is important to them, what they can improve, and where they would like their life to go.


The Plan for Life is a map map with x marks the spotof where of our Scouts want to go in their lives. It has three different segments: present or short term, medium term, and long term. The Plan for Life is a map our Scouts create by themselves for themselves. Like pirates or treasure-hunters of old, our Scouts use their map to hunt down treasure. But the treasure is not silver or gold; it is a life of purpose lived on their terms.


Creating the Plan for Life


We provide our Scouts with a series of questions they can answer. It can be written out, or our Scouts can also take advantage of our online program, which allows our Scouts to create their Plan for Life while building computer skills


Starting at the End – Planning Long Term First


It is very easy in life to lose sight of a goal. People get busy, have other responsibilities, and sometimes the goal just seems too big. That is where starting with the end point can help.


We encourage our Scouts to start with their long-term goals. The advantage of working backwards is that goals that may seem difficult or even impossible can be split up into manageable pieces. To ask our Scouts to create a map to being a successful doctor one day may sound a bit daunting. However, when they start at the end, it becomes easier. The goal is to become a successful doctor. Okay, what does our Scout need to be doing several years before that? Going to medical school of course! That is also a long-term goal. What does our Scout need to be doing a few years from now? Taking science and physics courses in high school and getting good grades. What does our Scout need to be doing in the next couple of years to get good grades in high school? They should be exploring Biology by reading books and going to science centers. What do they need to be doing today? Exploring and fostering their passion for Biology.


A Tool for the Present and Future


As our Scouts grow and change, so will their Plan for Life. triumphant girl with computerThe Plan can be used everyday and can assist our Scouts with short-term goals such as the desire to be a better sibling, but it can also serve as a tool for the future, such as planning how to fulfill the desire of being a doctor. We encourage our Scouts to use and update their Plan for Life daily.


Keeping Our Scouts on Track Everywhere


The purpose of the Plan for life is to keep our Scouts focused, organized, and oriented on the path of their choice. Our Scouts can use their Plan for Life not only in their programs, meetings, and activities but also in school, with friends, and with family. It can be very easy for adults, much less youth, to become distracted from their goals. The Plan for Life is intended to keep our Scouts thinking about the choices that will keep them in the game long term – even when those choices are hardest, such as in social situations. Our Scouts make choices that will take them where they want to go.


Below are some issues our Scouts may choose to include in their Plan for Life:

  • valuing family
  • valuing friends
  • a spiritual approach to life
  • giving their best and if so, for what?
  • loving themselves unconditionally
  • planning whether social life or academic life will be in balance or whether one will outweigh the other
  • choosing to live their life without conflict

The Plan for Life is a map for our Scouts follow to the life of their choosing. We want all our Scouts to live happy, healthy lives with strong relationships, and great success. Our Scouts choose to follow their map to their own life of purpose. “X” marks the spot!

Adventure Scouts USA