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College Fair


Our Scouts organize and lead an education or college fair.  It can be tough for youth and parents to get information on their own.  College fairs can be held in a park, convention center, or local high school.  Scouts can choose the size of the college fair and therefore the appropriate location.  Ten colleges can meet in a high school gym, whereas 100 or more colleges need the space of a park or convention center.


If Scouts want to hold a local college fair, they invite colleges within a 100 mile radius and can advertise in local newspapers.  If Scouts want to hold a larger college fair, they can invite colleges from within a 500 mile radius and even beyond.


Our Scouts secure the attendance of college representatives first.  They will contact the public relations department and find out and who they should talk about to and the college having a booth at a college fair.  Scouts will want to be sure to mention they are advertising in newspapers, large and small, in the surrounding area, and at local high schools.


Next, Scouts advertise by taking out ads in newspapers and hanging up signs at high schools, the PTA, local banks, local gyms, and anywhere our Scouts feel teens and their parents will see them.


A fair is an opportunity for our Scouts to learn more about individual schools, paying for college, how to apply, and more.  Although the purpose of college fair to learn about colleges, there is no reason the event cannot be FUN.  Scouts can raffle off gift certificates from local restaurants or college stores, sweatshirts emblazoned with the names of local colleges, and more.


Our Scouts get the opportunity to talk to college recruiters and learn about college life.  The college fair is obviously of greater interest to teen Scouts, but younger Scouts and siblings can attend and get a taste of what a college fair is like.


Education Fair



An education fair is similar to a college fair, but elementary, junior high, and special local schools are invited.  fair booth


The invitation process is handled the same way as the college fair.  Our Scouts contact local Magnate schools, theatrical arts schools, and more.  Be sure to mention to the schools at the elementary school children and their parents from the surrounding area are invited.


Scouts place ads in local newspapers, both large and small, and hang up signs in local schools and where parents will see them.


An education fair is a chance for youth and parents to discover schools they may not have known even existed.  Youth and parents get the opportunity to find out how they schools work, pricing, qualifications, and more all at one fair.


Particularly where elementary school aged youth are concerned, the fair should also be FUN.  A clown or mobile petting zoo are good choices.  Also arcade games can be rented and contests can be held.


Advantages of Holding a College Fair

  • Teen Scouts need to plan for college
  • Scouts provide a service to the community while acquiring knowledge
  • Colleges learn about our Scout Programs

Advantages of Holding an Education Fair

  • Many Scouts can be included
  • Scouts learn about other types of schools
  • Scouts provide a service to the community while acquiring knowledge
  • Schools learn about our Scout Programs

What to Watch Out For

  • Colleges will likely not want to attend an education fair with elementary schools, the fair will likely have to be one or the other rather than both
  • Fewer Scouts overall will attend the college fair vs. the education fair
  • Scouts will need to follow-up and make sure schools are coming to the fair, many people showing up with one or two or no schools in attendance would reflect poorly on the Scouts
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