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Our Scouts have special projects they perform in their communities in order to be of service to the greater community and meet more people.  One of those projects is the Sports Clinic.   

What a Sports Clinic Is

Sports Clinics are an interactive sessions led by professional and semi-professional coaches and players, as well as high school and college level coaches and players, to help youth improve their sports skills.  Sports Clinics are held in a variety of popular sports including football, baseball, basketball, and soccer.  youth playing football


Our Scouts invite athletes and coaches to help youth improve their game by leading interactive sports skill sessions.  Coaches volunteer their time to help youth develop their skills in sports.  Sessions last a few hours and are skill-level appropriate.


Who Is Invited to a Sports Clinic


Youth from the community are invited and welcome to come.  Our Scouts sponsor the activity in service of youth in their community.


Community organizations also set up booths to provide information for the youth and their parents.  The local police department can set up a booth. youth playing basketball Many police departments have programs in which they will take a child’s picture to keep in a database in case of abduction.


Local community service organizations as the Shriners, Kiwanis, and others can set booths with information as well.


A local hospital is good choice.  They can provide information such as nutritional information and how to care for basic sports injuries.


When To Hold A Sports Clinic


Sports Clinics should be held year round, depending upon the sport and location.  Scouts take the responsibility for providing finding the location, acquisition of drinks, snacks, and other necessary items.  Youth bring their own athletic equipment, though our Scouts can have some on hand.


Advantages of a Sports Clinic


As modern life has become easier, youth have become more sedentary.  There are more overweight youth every year and doctors agree youth need to be active.  Participating in our Scout Programs encourages the development of lifelong healthy lifestyles.  Participating in Sports Clinics, whether as a Scout or a non-Scout contributes to interest in athletics and improvement of skill.


Our Scouts get the opportunity to improve their own strength and athletic skill while participating in Sports Clinics.  We encourage our Scouts to improve individually and to help others as well.  We appreciate some of our Scouts do not excel at sports and others simply do not enjoy playing them, but all our Scouts can improve athletically when they receive help and support.


Local youth and our Scouts can increase their stamina, athletic ability and of course have FUN by participating in a Sports Clinic!  They also get the opportunity to interact with local sports team players and coaches.

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