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The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA are mindful that our Scouts will one day be adults.  They will need practical life skills and to choose a vocation. success bullseye

We provide our Scouts with opportunities to develop skills such as creative and critical thinking, resourcefulness, and leadership  so they look forward to their future with hope.  We encourage our Scouts to explore various jobs and careers, and interact with professionals from all walks of life.  Our Scouts become creative and critical thinking, caring, and competent adults.

Our Scouts Establish Relationships with Employers 

We provide our Scouts with meaningful, positive interactions  to help them develop their awareness of their community and improve their leadership skills.  They also have the opportunity to broadly develop their knowledge and actual experience of occupational and vocational choices by interacting with police officers, fire fighters, medical personnel,  other professionals, as well as jobs of every kind.

Our Scouts gain real world experience in actual work places.  This enables our Scouts to have new experiences not available to others.  They apply in a practical way, information and skills learned in school and acquired from our Scout Programs.  They also gain knowledge of different career options and acquire job specific skills.  

This motivates our Scouts to do well in school, and inspires them to think about their future and what they will do when they graduate.  The personal contacts they make during these practical work experiences are beneficial to their lives.


The choices and resources offered through our Scout Programs improve the educational and employment opportunities available to our Scouts. 

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