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The Game


Our Scouts have the opportunity play Fantasy Baseball, a popular pastime, which is quite popular on the internet.  Fantasy Baseball is a game that allows players get to become owner, general manager, and manger of their own make-believe baseball team.

baseball player at bat

Our Scouts get the opportunity to pick the players they want on their “fantasy team.”  The way the game works is that Scouts pick their players and then check their stats in the newspaper or online everyday.  Scouts then determine which team would have won based on the players.  Scouts pick their players and the positions they play, taking into account salaries and injuries, and can hire or trade players on their own team.


The game can be played with any sport the Scouts choose such football, basketball, or hockey, however they will want to choose a sport in season so they have easy access to scores and daily stats.


Our Scouts’ scores are kept track of both locally and nationally.  The Scout who wins the Series on each team will be recognized.  Scouts who show exceptional aptitude on a national basis will be recognized and receive an award.


The Benefits


Besides being FUN for all ages, Fantasy Baseball helps our Scouts build creative and critical thinking skills by planning ahead which players they want and making decisions such as whether a player should be kept or not, choosing batting order, rotating players, and more.  Scouts develop their math skills as well their critical thinking skills by figuring out player’s battling averages and taking into account player’s strengths and weaknesses.  Parents and multiple generations of family are encouraged to join in the FUN with their Scout.

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