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 In an effort to motivate Scouts to put forth more than just satisfactory completion of Challenges we provide to Scouts who demonstrate superior extraordinary achievement of a Challenge additional recognition.   All our Scouts give their best, which is a requirement of Did and Do and one of the principles, the Scout Motto, which our Scouts live their life by.  However, giving extraordinary effort and amazing achievement deserves recognition for going above and beyond giving one’s best. 

Scouts, on their own initiative, make the choice whether they wish to demonstrate superior extraordinary achievement.  They are also responsible for choosing how to demonstrate their additional efforts.  Our Scouts who choose to undertake this added effort potentially have their extra efforts rewarded, and perhaps might result in additional opportunities for presenting their efforts. youth on hilltop

Extraordinary Achievement is Rare 

Recognition of Scouts who demonstrate their superior extraordinary achievement of a Challenge should not lightly be granted.  It is not a matter of how many of these awards are granted, but rather they are reserved for exactly what the name of the award is called—superior extraordinary achievement.  The granting of these awards should not be confused with the concept Scouts are expected to give their best in earning a Challenge.  Instead, we are recognizing superior extraordinary achievement in an effort to motivate Scouts to exceed their own expectations.


Extraordinary achievement is easily likened to the Latin honors program at universities:  cum laude, magna cum laude, and summa cum laude.  Everyone at the graduation ceremony graduated, but only a few reach for the extraordinary.  Similarly, our Scouts all give their best, most perform their Challenge satisfactorily, and few accomplish extraordinary achievement.




Those Scouts who do reach extraordinary achievement are recognized by the team leadership.


Teams with Scouts who go above and beyond on a regular basis are rewarded with trips to amusement parks, and special recognition during meetings.


Scouts who reach extraordinary achievement often are given additional opportunities to present, and get the opportunity to go on special trips with other Scouts from other teams who also put forth extraordinary effort on a regular basis. 

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