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We understand there are individuals who have accumulated experience in any number of ways, including if they are or were Scouts, and others have acquired knowledge through real life experience.


We appreciate that there are many participating in the Scout Movement who would prefer to be part of a nondiscriminatory Scout Program.  For those in other Scout Programs or Scout Organizations, who would like to join our Scout Programs, we have established a temporary period of time in which Scouts can join us and have their earned achievements with them.


We also appreciate are those who have spent their entire lives on a ranch, or at a forest ranger station, for example, cowboysand have acquired many Scout skill simply by virtue of life experience.  This non-traditional experience can be very valuable coming into our Scout Programs.


Scouts who have been part of other Scout Programs or Scout Organizations have many advantages.  They know the ropes and know what it is like to be a Scout.  Scouts from other Scout Program or Scout Organizations may:

  • Have Scout experience
  • Be focused on being Scouts
  • Have completed some Challenges by earning merits, etc.

However, our Scout Programs are different.  While some requirements are the similar, many will be different.   We have developed an assessment process to determine which requirements have been met.  If a Scout can show they have already mastered the knowledge necessary for a Challenge, that is part of being granted credit for that Challenge.  If the Scout did not earn a merit in that subject or is unable to demonstrate knowledge of it, they will need to earn the Challenge in our Scout Programs, even if they covered it in their former Scout Program. 

Before joining the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA, it is important to decide whether it is for you.  There are many differences between our Scout Programs and other Scout Programs.  Below are some of the major differences:

  • We are fully nondiscriminatory and inclusive
  • We are co-ed
  • Our Scouts choose, organize, and lead their own meetings, programs, and activities
  • Team Counselors and Counselors (adult leadership) are on hand if needed for safety or counseling purposes; they do not make decisions governing the team
  • Scouts are in charge of and get the opportunity to personalize their own Scout experience
  • Our philosophies, principles, and most of all, activities, are modern and FUN
We offer this transfer program for a certain period of time; naturally, it cannot go on forever.  We are offering this opportunity as an acknowledgement of the many girls and boys and men and women in the Scout Movement who would have chosen a nondiscriminatory Scout Program is one had existed or if they had known it were possible.  If you are interested in learning more about Adventure Scouts USA, we welcome you!  Come and learn more about our Scout Programs in the American Spirit! 
Adventure Scouts USA