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Youth Protection Reporting Policy PDF Print E-mail

We desire as a Scout Program to create a safe environment for all our Scouts and Members and employ better screening techniques for their protection.  We desire to know and obtain information about those who are associated with our Scout Programs.  The Team Sponsor Committee and Team Counselors acquire knowledge of the people who interact with our Scouts and Members within the Scout Program. 


We desire as a Scout Program to develop and employ better screening techniques for Scout and Member protection.  fingerprinting


Individuals regularly interacting with our Scouts and Members as a part of the Scout Program are expected to register.  When we receive a request for registration of a new member, we obtain information about them.  We verify the backgrounds and check the references of the individuals recommended as Team Counselors by the Team Sponsor and its committee.  We contact prior employers, and previous youth programs the recommended individual has participated in. 


Team Counselor candidates are recommended by the Team Sponsor Committee contingent upon a satisfactory background check, verification of their background and references, and approval of their application for membership by the National Organization. 


All should be aware that our Scout Programs and its membership interact with law enforcement and appropriate authorities. Unlike some other organizations, we do not shuffle a perpetrator from one team to another or try to sweep the information under the rug.  We immediately inform the authorities, the newspaper, and pretty much everyone else.  We make sure the perpetrator never is around our Scouts again and we do our best to make sure they are never around youth again.  Our Scout Programs make an inconvenient place indeed for those who would harm children.


When an allegation of the mere appearance of impropriety is brought to the attention of anyone who is a part of our Scout Programs, that person is expected to report the allegation to the appropriate legal authorities and appropriate persons within our Scout Program, and the National Organization.  Regardless of whether or not they or we as a Scout Program are obligated to report such allegations by a state or jurisdiction, we do report once advised and expect them to do so also.


When an allegation of the mere appearance of impropriety is brought to the attention of anyone who is a part of our Scout Programs, that person should not hesitate to report the incident as stated above because it is not for them to determine whether or not the allegation is valid.  That determination will be made by the appropriate legal authorities. 


The National Organization is solely responsible for the determination of membership.  Consequently, there should be absolutely no hesitation on behalf of anyone to report allegations of impropriety.  Whether or not an individual remains a member is in no way related to the reporting of such allegations; therefore, there is no reason for any allegation to be unreported.


Team Counselors in good standing, acting in the best interests of the National Organization, may suspend, if warranted upon extraordinary circumstances, the membership of an individual, pending appeal.


The National Organization shall immediately be notified that an individual's membership has been suspended.  Suspension is a temporary status.  During suspension, all activity, participation, and attendance shall immediately cease, including the wearing of the uniform. 


Only the National Organization may revoke the membership of an individual.


Access to all membership records is limited.  Therefore, the names of persons reporting allegations are kept confidential, unless required by legal authorities.  Adventure Scouts USA may, at its own discretion, retain any records indefinitely.


Adventure Scouts USA contacts news media, when it will no longer jeopardize an investigation, and reports the names of individuals involved (not victims). 


Nationally, the Scout Program also provides to other youth programs the names of those against whom an allegation has been made unless the allegation has been determined to be unfounded. 


We are determined to employ every method reasonably possible and seek to provide  the highest level of protection possible for our Members and Scouts .  Let it be known that anyone who behaves inappropriately will be prosecuted.woman in handcuffs


We expect the policies and procedures outlined here for the protection of others to be followed to enable a safe environment for all Scouts and Members.  

Adventure Scouts USA