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Reportable conduct:

1. Sexual abuse or sexual misconduct involving a child or in front of a child;
2. Physical, mental, or emotional harm of a child, including negligence;
3. Inappropriate behavior as stipulated below:
Examples of situations which are considered inappropriate are:
* physical examinations which an adult suggests are necessary or appropriate,
* having Scouts undress to explain parts of their uniform,
* sleeping in the same tent with Scouts,
* sharing the same sleeping bag or tent to stay warm,
* the application of products, such as suntan or calamine lotions, insect repellents, etc.,
* the grabbing or touching of private parts while swimming,
* roughhousing with others,
* being alone with a Scout,
* being in private with a Scout,
* being in an area with a Scout out of the view of others,
* back rubs,
* showering with Scouts, unless all are clothed,
* changing in view of Scouts,
* no touching, such as hugging, unless appropriate for time, place, and manner, for example, an awards presentation.

Exceptions to the above situations are in case of emergency only, and must include at least two adults present.


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