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One of the projects of service to the greater community our Scouts take part in is our Improve Your Community Program.  Our Scouts consult with experts in the field from architects to waste management experts to landscapers, to those who run food service drives, and come up with their own plan to beautify and assist their community.  little girl with big wheelbarrow


Some of the activities our Scouts participate in:

  • Maintain a community garden
  • Create a community recycling program
  • Follow Leave No Trace standards when camping
  • Volunteer at a soup kitchen
  • Reconstruct destroyed wildlife habitats
  • Create and put up signs encouraging people not to litter
  • Plant trees and vegetation native to the area
  • Clean up and maintain a park
  • Organize a school recycling drive
  • Organize a school food drive
  • Organize a school coat drive in the fall
  • Preserve a historical building or site
  • Write an article on the plant and animal life in your area and their importance, send it to the local newspaper

Local experts serve as judges for the Improve Your Community Program.  Those who made the biggest difference for their community earn an award.

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