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Our teen Scouts have special needs and special interests.  As our Scouts grow in years and knowledge, they are capable of more and more.  Our teen Scouts across the country brainstorm and pick one issue they want to work on that year.  It could be the environment, violence, poverty, hunger, or anything they feel they want to concentrate on.


Teens adopt the topic for a year, and plan service projects and fundraisers to make a real difference.  For example, if teen decide to combat violence, teams in different areas will take part in their own service projects.teens boys  A team in California might organize an educational curriculum about violence to take into schools, while a team in Maryland might plan a neighborhood march, while a team in Missouri might hold a fundraiser to create posters about the dangers of violence and put them up in their community.


While everyone is doing what they chose to do, everyone is making a difference.  When all our teen Scouts get together and work for what is right, the effect makes a measurable difference.  The knowledge that when many people come together to do what is right, makes true change, is a lesson which serves our Scouts lifelong.

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