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Save America’s History! PDF Print E-mail

One of the programs our Scouts participate in is the Save America’s History Program. Our team identity historical houses, buildings or monuments in their area that are falling apart with age or neglect and save them!


Every building or monument will need something different. Houses may need new plumbing or wiring, buildings may have bricks falling down, or a monument may have had copper parts turn green with age.statue


Our Scouts consult with experts in the field, including their local historical society, to find out and get permits for the work. Our Scouts are lead each step of the way and each step is explained to them by experts in the field.


Our Scouts not only acquire knowledge of things like plumbing and rebuilding walls, they develop knowledge about and interest in the past. They develop an appreciation for another time and the hard work involving in creating something beautiful, especially in the past.


Our Scouts really can save a part of the past by donating their time and energy to Save America’s History!

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