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Our Team Counselors and Counselors go through a comprehensive background check
The primary responsibility of the team Sponsor to choose Counselors and Team Counselors

No position in our Scout Program demands greater scrutiny than our Counselors who are responsible for the success of the Scout Program of their Team. We are therefore are diligent in the selection and training of our Counselors.counselor and youth

Our Scout Teams are sponsored by religious, educational, service, community organizations, and public entities. A primary responsibility of the Team Sponsor Committee is to identify and select those who shall serve as Counselors. This permits identification and selection of individuals who are known and respected in the community.

During the orientation session, all candidates who expressed interest in becoming a Team Counselor shall be given a clear printed version of:
* Adventure Scouts USA's philosophy and expectations,
* a history of the Scout Movement and Adventure Scouts USA,
* the requirements and responsibilities of a Team Counselor, and
* the declaration of our Member and Scout Protection Reporting Policy.

The presenter is also required to clearly communicate this information by reading the exact same text aloud.

It is also required for each applicant to clearly read aloud a portion of the information required to be presented. This is to ensure the applicant's understanding of our Scout Programs, our Member and Scout Protection Reporting Policy, and the responsibilities of the Team Counselor position.

The Committee shall consider individuals who will:
* gladly undergo a background check, if selected
* be the best influence on the Scouts and Members of their sponsored Team,
* have as their top priorities the health, safety, and protection of all Scouts and Members,
* agree to report
* agree to follow the principles and guidelines of Adventure Scouts USA and the Team Sponsor,
* regularly communicate with the Team Sponsor and their Committee,
* regularly communicate with all levels of the Scout Program,
* regularly communicate with the leadership of the Team, Parent Partners and volunteers,
* coordinate the activities of the Team,
* demonstrate leadership and encourage others to develop their leadership skills,
* earn the respect of others rather than demand it,
* demonstrate good character and encourage others to act with good character,
* encourage and be willing to involve family members and others who might be interested,
* appreciate suggestions and value participation by others,
* properly delegate all tasks,
* facilitate the activities of the Team,
* undertake training to improve their skills and abilities, and
* encourage and support the organizing, creating, and leading of the Team by the Scouts.

As a consequence of our desire as a Scout Program to develop and employ better screening techniques for Scout and Member protection, we verify the backgrounds and check the references of the individuals recommended as Team Counselors by the Team Sponsor and its committee.fingerprinting We contact prior employers, and any previous youth programs the recommended individual has participated in.

Team Counselors are recommended by the Committee contingent upon a satisfactory background check, verification of their background and references, and approval of their application for membership.

Our Scout Programs desire to be ever vigilant and strive to provide a safe environment for all our Scouts and Members. We value that youth are the less capable of fending for themselves and, consequently, we make sure those supervising our youth aged Scouts have undergone a comprehensive background check. Although we know there are people who intend to hurt others, and who do hurt others, we continuously seek to develop and employ better screening techniques and procedures to ensure the protection of our Scouts and Members.

We desire as Scout Programs to create a safe environment for all our Scouts, in which they can be free to be themselves, and Members and employ better screening techniques for their protection.


Adventure Scouts USA