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Overnight Trips and Youth Protection PDF Print E-mail

All overnight trips, such as camping trips, require all adult participants, whether they are Counselors or parents, to sign up ahead of time and consent to a background check. We offer very high youth protection standards, and we ensure youth safety by taking it seriously.

Adults register with a particular team in order to go on an overnight excursion.youth hiking near tent If parents are bringing their Scout's siblings along, they can register those siblings at the same time. Anyone over 18 must register as an adult and when registering, must provide two forms of identification: at least one with a picture I.D. issued by the state, such as a driver's license, and another with a signature, such as a credit card. We reserve the right to use information given to us at our discretion. However, the only reason we would ever be using information is to help us prevent abuse against our Scouts. Private information is just that, private; we do not share it with anyone other than law enforcement under particular circumstances.

Anyone over 18 who is staying overnight with the Scouts must be registered ahead of time. Each team will have its own cut-off date and details.

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