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Safety Reporting Policy

Our policies require the reporting of all incidents and accidents including those which result in minimal or no actual injury but which had the potential of significant injury or fatality.  This better enables the updating of our safety guidelines and the exchange of information.  Identification of circumstances which might have resulted in significant injury or fatality, even though they were avoided, permit our establishing preventive guidelines for the future.

Should a significant incident or emergency occur, the following are steps should be initiated:
* Avoid taking any action which will contribute to making the situation worse
* Protect those who are injured from further harm
* Commit to no action which is irreversible unless necessary
* Quickly identify and conserve available resources, unless their use is immediately necessary
* Remain flexible in case the situation changes
* Contact appropriate rescue and legal authorities
* Contact the National Office of Adventure Scouts USA
* If rescue and legal authorities refuse to accept responsibility to contact family members, then contact family members

Training Scouts and Members to accurately, completely and calmly report accidents or incidents contributes to rapid response and minimizes errors in identifying the location help is needed.  The use of accident or incident telephone reporting forms also contribute to ensuring complete and accurate information is being reported.

Should an accident or incident involving injury occur, an investigation by a committee, composed of at least three persons who are not Scouts or Members of our Scout Programs will be undertaken.

What You Should Do If There is an Accident:

1. If someone is seriously injured, dial 911, or otherwise contact emergency assistance.  (Counselors should be aware in that in some areas of the country, 911 does not work, or may be only for rescue, not fire, etc.  If you need to know the phone number of the local police, know it.)
2. If someone is very mildly injured (examples include a minor cut or splinter), the Counselor can assist the Scout themselves using their first aid kit.
3. Report the injury to their local Scout division and also to the National Office. (all car accidents, fires, etc. must be reported).









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