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Why Our Youth Protection Policy Is Comprehensive PDF Print E-mail

There is nothing more important than the safety and well-being of our Scouts.

We are serious about youth protection.  While the chances of a Scout being abused are extraordinarily low, we do not advocate the position of some youth organizations which declare that nothing bad could ever happen. shadow


Parents, counselors, and youth are better informed than they have ever been, which is a tremendous step forward in youth protection.  We know you are aware that are people who want to hurt children and they are particularly attracted by youth programs of any kind.  That is why we go above and beyond to screen those adults who spend time with our Scouts, to educate our Counselors on how to be on the alert, and to educate our Scouts on how to take care of themselves.  We do not do this because have to, but because we want to.


In the case of alleged abuse, Counselors and Team Counselors immediately call the appropriate authorities and suspend that person’s access to our Teams and to Scouts.  We require that even an allegation of sexual misconduct be reported to law enforcement and to our local and national offices.  If the allegations are proven true, we report them to local and national news media and to other youth programs.  Unlike many youth programs and other organizations who seem more interested in their reputations than whether harm was done to a child, no one ever found guilty of abuse will work with our Scout Programs again. man in handcuffs We do not simply shuffle offenders to other parts of the country – we call the police and do everything we can to make sure they can never work around youth again. 


A result of abuse is a breach of trust.  Trust is something difficult to earn and easy to lose.  We strive to always stay vigilant and ensure the trust we earn is always valued.


We do everything in our power to make sure our Scouts spend their time in our Scout Programs safely having FUN.

Adventure Scouts USA