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Our Scout Programs offer our Scouts the opportunity to develop their computer skills by providing them with the skills to create their own websites.  Parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles can all have FUN and create their own websites, by participating in our website development program.

Before Creating a Website

Everyone participating is provided access to a computer to work with.  Schools, computer labs, businesses, churches and temples all may be willing to loan computers for a day.  Scouts and families who own laptops can also bring those along so more people can work at the same time. girls with computer

Basics of Creating a Website

Scouts can decide what their website will look like.  Scouts choose layout, navigation and text.  As they go along, everyone can choose their favorite colors, choose pictures, and choose topics. 

They choose a domain name registration and complete the registration process.

Next, Scouts develop their web pages by choosing what content to include.

Scouts then maintain their website by making whatever changes they want over time.


Contests can be held for the funniest website, the best looking website, the fastest website made, etc.boy at computer

Ideas for Websites

* A hobby or interest
* Family genealogy
* Best Friends

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