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One of the projects our Scouts are encouraged to participate in is the Make a Video Project.  youth with video cameraOur Scouts make videos about their adventures in our Scout Programs and we put them on out site.  Subjects include but are not limited to:

  • What I Like Most About Scouts
  • My Community Service Project
  • My Crew
  • Did and Do Challenges
  • Preparing for the Challenger Award

The Make a Video Project helps develop our Scouts’ skills with a camera because our Scouts use video equipment.  Scouts should take the first 15-30 seconds to list their interests, achievement level, age, and why they chose the subject matter.


Scouts can submit a video either individually or with others such as a Crew or team.  Scouts can participate in other Scout’s video, as they will need people to direct the action, help with lighting, makeupgirl in play makeup and wardrobe.  Everyone participates and takes part in the FUN. 


Scouts are responsible for making a FUN, compelling presentation to get others interested in the community service project of their choice.


Videos are not to contain any copyrighted material.


Scouts will need:

  • A video camera (Scouts can use their family’s camera, borrow a camera)
  • Video tape or digital memory
  • A location
  • Lighting
  • Wardrobe
  • Other Scouts!

Note to Scouts:  If someone you are taping is not a Scout, get their permission before video taping them.

  • When submitting the video for uploading to our website, the name, address, telephone number, email address, and parent or guardian’s name, address, and telephone number if under 18 are required for all actors and actresses.  We will send them thank you’s for their participation in the video and provide them and members of their family a link to view the video on our website.
  • All videos uploaded to our website are subject to our video policy.
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