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The Challenge:  create a knot it takes a community to unravel!


We have created a contest that sparks the minds and imaginations of our Scouts, while emphasizing the sense of community and belonging in our Scout Programs.


The contest entails creating a knot.  But this is no ordinary knot.  The knot must be a knot that can only be released by a group of people.  The knot should resemble an octopus with tentacles or a drawing of the sun with beams shooting out.  The center of the knot is large and coming off the knot are 25 separate pieces of rope.


Twenty five people should sit at a round table 25 feet across.  Each of the 25 Scouts then, pulls a piece of rope.  The knot can only be released when 25 people each pull their individual ropes at the same time.  Fewer people will not work.


This is a true challenge for our Scouts and we have created a competition in which the Scout who creates the knot earns a prize!  Our Scouts are always encouraged to participate in inspirational innovation.  If you would like to be the first to create something, just let us know, we may wind up with an award named after you!

Adventure Scouts USA