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One of the unique attributes of our Scout Programs, in keeping with the fact that we are a modern program, is that we encourage our Scouts to video-tape their adventures, their challenges, their vacations with family, and their FUN with friends. 


We encourage members to send in their videos so all our Scouts and members can see them.




We especially encourage our Scouts to conduct interviews with heroes or interesting people in their community.  They can conduct interviews as part of a challenge, for Adventure TV, or simply because they want to get the word out about someone who is a hero.




Our Scouts can also video-tape themselves performing challenges, participating with their Crew, and just having FUN.  Scouts can share the FUN they have on vacations, send in videos of Leo the Lion as he comes along on the journey, or tape their adventures cooking and hiking while camping.  We want our Scouts to let us know when they are having FUN and what elements of our Scout Programs are their favorites.




 Scouts can share with each other by creating and uploading videos.  The world becomes a smaller place when our rural Scouts and our urban Scouts can see with own eyes what life is like for the other, making connections all the way across the country.  Our Scout Programs are similar to a fraternity or a sorority; Scouts all across the country all belong, and are brothers and sisters to all other Scouts.


Wherever our Scouts are, we are there in spirit.



Adventure Scouts USA