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Scouts create an object that moves (an Unidentified Moving Object) from spare parts

Scouts acquire knowledge of woodworking, building, and resourcefulnesss


In the UMO, Unidentified Moving Object, Challenge, our Scouts compete to make an object that moves (and preferably can hold one Scout while moving) from Point A to Point B using discarded items.boy with level tool  The UMO Challenge was inspired by several current hit TV shows about putting objects together with your own hands.


Parents, Multiple Generations, and Extended Family Members


Parents, multiple generations, and extended family members take part in this FUN, exciting activity.  Parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles all take part, whether they would prefer to help their Scout build an UMO, or also build their own.


First Meeting


Our Scouts are divided up by Crews.  First, both Crews agree to make a moving object that can hold a Scout and carry them from Point A to Point B. boy making sketches The Crews spend their first meeting deciding what to make and what will be needed.  Scouts make a list of everything they need.  Scouts begin making a blue print of exactly how the design will go.  If the Crew decides to build a bicycle-like object, obviously they will need wheels for example.  Each Scout volunteers to get the parts they think they can get. 


Places to get parts:


Ask parents


Ask auto repair centers, junk stores, lumber and home improvement stores if they have any parts they are throwing out because they do not need them


During the second meeting, Scouts report back with the information about which items they can actually get and where they will get them.  They then make changes to the design of the object depending upon which parts they can or cannot get. 


At the third meeting, Scouts begin accumulating the parts necessary to build their moving object.  If the Scouts meet at location with convenient storage, items can be stored there.  If not, Scouts can ask parents about potential garage space or a school may offer convenient storage. 


On a weekend day, the Scouts gather to put together their Unidentified Moving Object.  They use knots and lashings to put the object together, which helps them learn and use knots at the same time.


FUN and comedy will undoubtedly ensue while Scouts attempt to put together their UMO’s.  The Crew who can drive, push, pull, or otherwise get a Scout Point A to Point B first, wins.

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