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History Comes Alive PDF Print E-mail

We encourage our Scouts to value their nation’s history.  History comes alive for our Scouts when they experience life as early Americans did.  Our Scouts can choose from three different adventures.


Adventure #1:


Scouts can go as a team or as part of a team.  Scouts choose a historical route, such as the route Lewis and Clark took across the country, the route Abraham Lincoln took to the Gettysburg battlefield, or any other historical trail they would like to follow.  Scouts make clothing similar to the clothing that would have been worn by those who first walked the trail.  Scouts camp along the way, cook their food with a camp stove, and live as close to early Americans as possible.


Adventure #2:


Scouts can go as a team or as part of a team.  Scouts choose a historical route to follow.  Along the way, Scouts can choose which activities to participate in.  They can visit historical landmarks, investigate where famous Presidents slept, and see the sights.


Adventure #3


This adventure is a family adventure.  Families can choose a historical route and follow it together.  Families will drive the route, and choose to camp or stay elsewhere.  This a great opportunity for an adventure for the entire family, and a chance for parents to pass down knowledge to their children.  Parents and children can discuss what life was like during the era the trail was created, and how the people of the time lived.  For example, tracing the route Abraham Lincoln tool to Gettysburg could spark a conversation about the Civil War, slavery, and how factors from that time still influence society today.

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