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Parents are our Partners

We want those who know our Scouts best to be the ones to influence our Scout Programs

We promote strong families and strengthen family values


The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA are interested in promoting strong families and strengthening family values. In fact, the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA consciously believe so much in this ideal that it has chosen to relegate the highest position – that of Partner – to the parents and guardians of our Scouts.mother with children


In the many nonprofit organizations, their partners are donors which give them money. In those organizations, because their first loyalty is to donors, their priority is to please them.


We appreciate all those who donate to the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA and thank them for making a difference in the life of America’s youth. But they are not our central focus.

We strive to be the foremost member service oriented Program of any kind in the United States. Our Scouts members come first. We exist to serve our Scouts and members. Consequently, we have made parents our partners. We want those who love our Scouts the most and know our Scouts the best to also influence our Scout Programs.


Our partnership with parents or guardians contributes to our ability to successfully promote strong families and strengthen family values. We not only want our partner/parent’s help, we need their help to better serve our Scouts.


Parents know their children – who they are, what they need, and what they like. We encourage parents to share their ideas with us so we can better serve our Scouts. If your children would like to see a change in our Scout Programs, let us know. If your children need extra care or resources, let us know. If your children have interests or activities they want to participate in, let us know. It is our job to serve your children, our Scouts.

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