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The Starfish Award is earned by Scouts who make a measurable difference in someone’s life.girl with starfish

Scouts who earn this award are Scouts who serve others


The following is the story of the starfish:


A little girl was walking along the beach and found hundreds of starfish washed up on the shore, dying.  She gently began picking them up and putting them back in the sea so they would live.  A group of people came along and saw what she was doing and the monumental task she had set for herself.


“You can’t save them all”, they said, “Do you really think you’re making a difference?”


“I am making a difference for this one”, she said, placing another starfish in the water.


For our Scouts who truly made a difference in someone’s life, we offer the Starfish Award.  There are no absolute criteria, however the Scouts must have made a significant difference for someone in a noticeable way.  Examples include:  helping someone turn their life around, taking part in a community service project which benefits other youth in the area, serving as a mentor to a younger kid, etc.


Personal sacrifice is necessary to be nominated to receive this award, as well as spending a lot of time serving other people.  Scouts who receive this award have made a real difference for someone.

Adventure Scouts USA