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The world as we know it continues to change.  The world is becoming a smaller place and the development of a global business community continues to occur.  Our Scouts span two centuries, with some having one foot in the late 1900's and the others in the 2000's. 

We therefore encourage our Scouts to think beyond their known horizons in an effort to ensure they are the ones creating the future.youth dressed as college graduate

Our Scout Programs are Purposefully Designed as Changeable 

We have developed the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA after research, observation of youth and other programs, and consultation with others.  The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA are developed intentionally with the ability to grow and change just like our Scouts.  By doing so, we encourage the Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA to evolve over time, while staying relevant, and true to its mission and spirit.


We have created our Scout Programs with the inherent ability to become something new and different as the needs of our Scouts, their families, and their communities change over time.  While embracing and never losing sight of universal values of goodness, character, and inclusion, our Scout Programs are developed as an open, member-oriented Scout Programs.


We Value The Changing Needs of Our Members


We demonstrate we meaningfully value suggestions and improvement opportunities by rewarding Scouts who consistently make suggestions which are implemented.  We also encourage the input of multiple generations and extended family members of our Scouts, as well as members of the community and interested persons.  We value that all voices are heard and provide access to all levels of our Scout Programs.


We do not know which activities our Scouts will develop and choose as the new millennium unfolds, or beyond into the future.  Nevertheless, we do know we will be there to foster those passions and help our Scouts to always give their best and be the best people they can be.


A Program, Not an Organization


Baden Powell said, “Scouting is a movement because it moves forward. As soon as it stops moving, it becomes an organisation and is no longer scouting.”


The intent of the Scout Movement is to create a fluid, changeable program which evolves with individuals in order to serve them better.  Baden Powell’s writings were also intended to be used by many and varied programs so that they could be accessible to as many people as possible.


The Scout Programs of Adventure Scouts USA proudly carry on the traditions of the Scout Movement.  We are a Scout Program, rather than a Scout Organization, allowing us to change with our Scouts, while staying true to our purpose:  we are here to serve our Scouts.  When we see how our Scouts live their lives and what kind of parens they are as adults, then we will know that we have succeeded.  We have designed and created Scout Programs which bring the Scout Movement to Every Family, Every Child, Everywhere.


The Value of Suggestions


We encourage our Scouts and members to make meaningful suggestions.  That is why we have developed a program in which the team with the most Scouts who make suggestions, which are implemented, receives recognition.  We chart the suggestions of our Scouts, as individuals, crews, and teams.  Those who make the most suggestions, which are implemented, to improve their local teams will be recognized locally.  Those who make the most suggestions, which are implemented, on a national level receive national recognition.

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